I have a pop-up where users can sign up to receive a promo code. What's the best way to handle this in Klaviyo?

  • 1 February 2022
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I started by creating a flow that's triggered whenever a user signs up for my "newsletter", but that doesn't make sense to me...

  1. If someone makes a purchase, I'm assuming they're automatically subscribed to my newsletter. If that's the case, I don't want them receiving this flow after they've already purchased.

  2. If someone signs up via my footer (which doesn't promote the discount), I don't want them receiving this flow. I just want them added to my newsletter.

What's the solution here? I imagine this is very common.


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3 replies

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Hi @stjoad - welcome to the community!  It’s a common and excellent question.  For your newsletter signup Flow (Welcome Series), my recommendation is either of the following options:

  1. In your List Subscribed Triggered Flow (Newsletter) - you can put a Flow Filter where Placed Order is Zero Times Over All Time.  This means if someone makes a purchase, they exit the Flow completely (including any subsequent emails in your Flow) and won’t receive any emails from this Flow.  If you still want people to go through the Flow even if they’ve purchased, you can do the next method here.
  2. Alternatively, you can put a Conditional Branch in your Flow for anyone who has purchased and send an alternative first Email without the discount code.  Then, link that Flow path back to the rest of the messages in your Flow to continue to through the rest of the Flow.

For your Footer Subscribe, if you are using an embedded Klaviyo Signup Form, you can apply a “Source” value like “Footer Subscribe” that specifies it came from the Footer.  Then, similar to the method #2 above, in your Flow, you can put a Conditional Branch in your Flow where the Source is ”Footer Subscribe” to get the alternate email without the discount code.

If your Footer Subscribe is a Shopify form or a custom Klaviyo legacy HTML form, you can either use a Shopify Tag or reference the Klaviyo Legacy HTML guide to define a “Source” value.  Make sure you set your Conditional Branch on the proper field and value. 

Some documentation for reference here:

Hope this helps!

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Hi @NJVasic - This is a fantastic alternative solution!  

Just note though, I generally recommend folks to have a “Primary List” to avoid the clutter of having too many Lists.  It makes it easier to manage List triggered Flows so that when you make changes or updates to a Flow, you don’t have to do it in multiple Flows and the Flow analytics are nicely aggregated (if that’s desired).  Also, when you do a Growth Report, you get a nice breakdown by the different sources too.  However, there are many times when separate Lists (Flows) are preferable too.  

Klaviyo has an excellent guide on this topic:

But I agree, there are lots of different ways to solve the same problem so it’s good to see the different approaches.  

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Hi @stjoad.

There are a few things you can do here. I suppose adding a custom property to your footer sign ups and then adding filters to your flow can work, but I think the following is the simplest way to achieve what you want.

First, make sure your Pop Ups doesn’t show up to people who’re already subscribed. If you’re using Klaviyo to build your sign up units, you can do that going to “Targeting and Behaviour” and then ticking the box that says “Don’t show to existing Klaviyo profiles”.

As for your footer, you can just link it to to a different list that is not connected to any of the flows.

Although I’d at least recommend a Welcome Journey (without the discount) for your footer sign ups. You can duplicate the flow you’re using for your Pop Ups, remove the email that contains the discount and that’s pretty much it. Make sure you link it to the correct list once you duplicate the Pop Up flow.

Hope this helps.