I Need help asap: how do I ensure my wholesale clients are not getting my abandoned cart emails?

  • 18 February 2022
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I need help with a flow, I have a wholesale company but also do direct to consumer, smaller orders. 

I need to make sure my wholesale clients from my list are not getting my abandoned cart and any basic flows for that matter. How do I weed those out when setting up my flow. 


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Hi @Cwade22 

What platform are you using for your orders? How you do this will depend on the platform you have integrated with Klaviyo.

If you are using Shopify, for example, and you use either Tags or Collections to designate your DTC items vs. your wholesale then you would add a Trigger Split to your abandoned cart flow and filter against these values.

Your filter would look something like: Collections doesn’t contain ‘Wholesale’ if:

  • Yes, then the user in the flow would follow the track as a DTC buyer to receive the abandoned cart emails
  • No, then the user would be flagged as a “wholesale” checkout and would be removed from the cart abandon series (or entered into a version of the cart abandon series specific to wholesale orders).

Take a look at Trigger Splits with your integration.

I hope that helps.

@In the Inbox 

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Hey @Cwade22,

Adding to @In the Inbox’s awesome suggestion, if you haven’t already, I would recommend taking a look at @Dov’s response to a similar Community post. In it, he goes into further details of what @In the Inbox has suggested if you were using a Shopify integration. The theory would still apply to whichever platform you’re using though!