I want to create 3 browse abandoment flows, what happens if someone triggers all 3...?

  • 26 January 2022
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*** EDIT: my title doesnt relate to my question - I already answered that myself ( ie ive made a single flow) ***




First question is: is there a way I can make my CTA button url the same as one of the products that they were browsing? 


So basically our website sales can be split in to 3: jewellery, kimonos, and other. 


What ive done is made a flow with conditional triggers related each category. first in sequence is: “was viewed product jewellery” - if no, then “was it kimono”. im assuming it will prioritise jewellery products first ( what i mean by this is that if they were viewing loads of items, including jewellery, then they will be sent down the jewellery path only, because that is the first check in the sequence). 


So this has got me thinking, and maybe this is too nitty-gritty but ...


If I have someone who comes on to the website, maybe they land on a jewellery product page from an ad or something, and they’re vaguely interested - they go off for an hour or so (the flow trigger time is 2 hours) and then come back and spend an hour viewing all of our kimonos - this person will still end up with our jewellery browse abandonment email right? 


Would it be possible to add some clause of “ if they have viewed more kimonos than jewellery, then add them to the kimono path? 










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Hi @armedandgorgeous


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Sounds like you’re selling some really cool products on your site! I would love to help you answer this question. 


Yes, you can change the CTA link of your button to take a user back to the product they viewed. Originally, the button’s URL is set to take the user back to the website, with the {{ organization.url }} tag, however, you can exchange it with the URL that is attached to the image on your dynamic block, {{ event.URL }} tag, found when you navigate to the image > Block > Rows > Column 1 > URL. When you have changed the original button’s URL tag to the new event tag, this should send the user back to the specific product they were viewing on your website. 


On to your next flow thoughts, the user will trigger the flow and be send down the flow and through the sequential conditional splits based on the first item they viewed, yet did not start the process of buying said product. Based on singular item they viewed that triggered the flow, the user will then be pushed through the splits depending on if the item was met the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ criteria of your split. If the first item they viewed wasn’t jewelry, then they will go through the ‘no’ path and be greeted with the second split’s conditions. 


Your question is not too nitty-gritty, but is perfect to better understand the theory of how this flow works, I’m glad you asked it! If someone comes to your site, and is previously cookied, yet is sent to a specific product from an ad, this will trigger the browse abandonment flow and will meet your criteria of your first split and receive a jewelry-specific flow email.  However, if they trigger another browsing session an hour later and look at your kimonos, they will have triggered the flow again and be queued to go through the flow again and to receive the kimono-specific flow email additionally. Thus, it is possible for a profile to be queued for a flow multiple times.


You can prevent this from happening by adding an additional filter onto your flow : “Hasn’t been in this flow for ___ days”. This filter will prohibit users from going through the flow again after viewing multiple products, for instance in your situation, after they originally triggered the flow from viewing your jewelry product. I would check out this similar post for more insight! 


Finally, this is not a feature of conditional splits offer at this time. There is no functionality that exists presently to be able to tell if a user buys or browses more of a certain products than others. However, you could create segments of users who only ever by a certain category of product or hasn’t even bought another category and target them with specific marketing emails to entice them to keep up their purchase. trends or try something new! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Hi @armedandgorgeous , I am having the same situation as you with Browse Abandonment Flow. 

Sometimes people look at one item on the website, but then they show interest in to another category by viewing more products from it. The email is sent with the first product, but maybe the interest in not there anymore.

I am thinking to create a segments of people who viewed lets say at least three products from one category and then send emails with products of that category. What I can’t figure out is how to insert the product from that category that person viewed.