If a certain type of email gets a very high Open Rate, should I send it via Klaviyo to improve deliverability on my whole Klaviyo account?

  • 3 November 2022
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Currently sending this type of email manually via Gmail.


Best answer by Brian Turcotte 3 November 2022, 14:55

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Hi @blissy and welcome back to the Community!


If the email-in-question is achieving a higher open rate than your other Klaviyo emails, I would certainly expect that including this email in your Klaviyo rotation would improve your account’s open rate and therefore deliverability. Deliverability is influenced by several factors, including Open Rates, Bounce Rates, Unsubscribe Rates, and Spam Complaint Rates among other things (more here).


Another thing that is conducive to strong deliverability is making sure that you are sending to engaged contacts (people that are consistently opening/clicking on emails). More on that here. May I ask how you know that the manual gmail messages are being opened at a high rate? I’m not aware of a way to view those metrics in gmail. 


Lastly, I understand that you are currently sending your emails via gmail manually, and Klaviyo can certainly be leveraged to reduce manual efforts via automation. Also, keeping all of your sending efforts in one place should allow your Klaviyo data to aggregate more accurately. Here are some further resources from the Community that might also help:


I hope this helps, and thanks for using the Community!



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Because they’re requesting a free estimate and the email contains the estimate that they want 😁