If flows are triggered by a dynamic segment, will a contact who moves from one segment to another be pushed into a different flow with that segment as a trigger?

  • 17 August 2022
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Hi, apologies if this has been asked before, feel free to refer me to another thread if necessary! 

Bit of a wordy question, but I’ve created various customer journey flows for a client based upon some dynamic segments that we worked out through an RFM analysis. Basically there’s 5 flows, new customers, promising customers, core customers, high value and lost customers.

I’m just wondering if for example, someone in the new customer list makes enough purchases to meet the requirements of the promising customer segment, they will be added to that segment of course, does this also mean they will join the flow that is triggered by someone joining that segment?

I’m just trying to avoid crossover in communications if someone is trapped in 2 flows. I have added in a condition to end the flow if a “new” customer places an order while in the flow, but will they be added to the next flow up, if that makes sense?

Thanks in advance, excuse my brain dump of a question!


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Hi @martin.pearson 

Thanks for your question. If I understand your question correctly, you have set up 5 different segments with 5 flows where each flow is triggered based on each of the segments. 

If you have flows based on a segment trigger, a contact will be triggered into that flow automatically when they join that segment. So, in the context of your example question, yes, if a new customer makes enough purchases to be eligible for the promising customer segment then they will be entered into the associated flow based on that segment. 

However, if you want to limit someone who is in any one of the flows from joining another flow when they meet the criteria for that new segment, I would recommend creating a custom profile property that is set at the beginning of the flow and removed when the user has completed that particular flow.

You would use this profile property to indicate if a contact is currently in another flow and if it’s set. If the property is set for a contact, and they enter another flow, you would have a conditional split at the beginning of that flow to look for that property. 

If the property is empty (ie. the contact is not in another flow), a conditional split will allow them to progress to the messages in that flow.

If the property is set or not empty (ie. the contact is in another flow, the conditional split will push the contact to exit the flow.

Keep in mind, when using segments as your flow trigger, a contact can only be triggered into a flow once. So, if you use a conditional split to exit someone from the flow, they won’t be able to enter later. But, if you set up a flow filter on the trigger, then users could potentially be entered into that flow at a later date if they aren’t in any of the other flows.

I hope this makes sense! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Good Luck.

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