If you change the name of an item name on your website, do you then have to change the filter name in a flow?

  • 22 April 2022
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I have variations for product X on the website, the names of which I decided to reword to make it clearer for the customer. I presume I now have to change the item names to the new ones in the product flow?

Assuming yes, I placed a test order to ensure the variations’ updated item names appeared in the catalog on klaviyo, BUT they’re not showing up in the dropdown menu when I try to select them to add them as a filter in the flow.

Can anyone help??


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2 replies

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Hi @International Elf Service,

Thanks for sharing this question with our community.

There’s a couple of angles to this. First, you’re correct on the general point of needing to change the item names to reflect the new item name. However, depending on the metric you’re using, you may be able to use the Product ID or Variant ID to identify the item instead. If you’re on Shopify, that would be the Ordered Product metric that allows you to access the Product ID. That way, even if you update the item name again in the future, say, you wouldn’t have to update the ID in the filter because that would remain constant even if the name changes.

In terms of the dropdown menu, typically if you place an order for that item it will from that point forward, appear as an option in the dropdown menu but not always. We only store so much “memory” for item names in a dropdown menu, and so you may not always see it appear . If you manually type in the name, however, our filter will recognize the item name, just ensure what you have in the filter matches the item name exactly (capitalization included). The same theory applies if you use Product or Variant ID in the filter.

I hope that’s helpful!

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Thank you that’s very helpful.