Impact of flow metrics on campaign averages

  • 16 August 2023
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Hi all! Question for the community - 

Do flow metrics impact campaign metrics?

As in, would a decrease in flow open rates have a negative impact on our 30 day campaign averages? Or are flow metrics completely separate from campaign metrics?




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3 replies

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I think when you say metric you mean on KPI’s? Like Open Rate, Click Rate etc?

If that is correct then yes they would have an impact. If you have bad OR for Flows that would affect your Campaigns to and other way around, if your Campaigns have bad OR Flows will have it to.

In other words your account have one deliverability rating for all the emails you said so if you hurt your deliverability, and no matter if you do that in flows or campaigns it will affect the other one to.

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@Bobi N. 

Yes, that’s what I was referencing! Thank you!

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Like @Bobi N. said all emails can impact each other, flows or campaigns a like. Most often we see flows having higher open rates because they are mostly triggered based on actions people took.

It looks like you're mainly referencing or asking about the deliverability aspect of things and not so much reporting in Klaviyo.

Just in case it's also the latter (or for future reference) Revenue is one thing that might be different. For email it's based on last touch. So if an email from a flow get's send later than a campaign and someone places an order the revenue can get accredited to the flow and not the campaign.


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