Include birthday date in popup form and create flow

  • 4 January 2022
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Dear Klaviyo community,

I have a question regarding to create a birthday dates. 

My little challenge is to add a birthday trigger which I can use for an e-mail flow.

I already read this article but I was not wiser than before:


My question is: how can I create a birthday date trigger which appears then as an trigger option?

Does anybody has a clue?

Thank you a lot in advance.



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2 replies

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Hello @Exclude discounts e-mail flow,

I believe taking a look at our Guide to Creating a Date Property-Triggered Flow and Building a Birthday Flow Help Center articles would prove helpful to understanding how to collect a birthday property and have it available for use as the trigger for a date triggered flow. 

Essentially, no matter how you are collecting this date property, so long as the property is recognized as a date data type in the correct accepted date format, you’ll see that property as an available date trigger when creating your flow. Keep in mind that Klaviyo can only act upon existing data meaning that you’ll need at least one profile with this profile property and value set up correctly before it is available for use as the trigger.

It may also help to take a look at the many other resources available to you within the Community as this topic is a popular one! I’ve included several Community posts on this topic that have helped other users that you may find useful to get you started:

I hope this helps!


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Hi there,

it worked out for me. The clue was that first you need to collect data before you can create the flow.

Thank you for helping.