Including Dynamic Tags for Shopify Placed Order

  • 23 August 2022
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Hello there, we're a business selling products that remove CO2. For example we sell 1.000kg of stones that remove 1.000kg of CO2 over its life time. I am building a thank you flow where I would like to dynamically include the amount of CO2 a customer has removed on its order or over its customer lifetime.

Therefore, I was wondering if its possible in klaviyo to have a dynamic tag for {{ customer amount of CO2 removed }} or {{ total count of all orders CO2 removed }}

One way I was thinking of realizing the goal above is with order tags: I was planning to automatically add order tags to new orders that reflect the amount of CO2 they have captured. Klaviyo eithers needs to show the order tag in the thank you mail. (I read that its important to have the flow activated on fulfillerd orders instead of placed orders, otherwise the tag wouldn't be read) And if this is possible would it also be possible to have Klaviyo sum up all the previous orders tags from a customer?


Another way would be to have the order weight as a dynamic property in klaviyo emails. As the order weight is nearly identical to the amount of CO2 captured. Is it possible to have order weight dynamically in klaviyo? If yes, is it possible to have the order weight of all orders of one customer be summed up together as well dynamically?


If anyone has a better suggestion, please let me know :)


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Thank you for sharing this question with us.

It’s certainly possible to include the aforementioned tags in Klaviyo. The most streamlined solution is to create a custom order metric using the Track API. This will give you the flexibility to include those particular tags (both for CO2 removed and CO2 total count) in the the event data of the custom order event. Also, it will let you send the email in response to a placed order (which is more “standard” than sending a thank you after the order is fulfilled). So while this solution requires some technical know-how, it is the most streamlined to your goal. You can also reach out to one of our partners to help with this if you require further technical assistance.

Alternatively, tagging is also an option. And yes, you are exactly correct, since order tags aren’t consistently included in the Placed Order event, using Fulfilled Order is the way to go to ensure those order tags are carried over into Klaviyo. So triggering a flow off of Fulfilled Order and then using those order tags in your email is another viable solution. Also, we don’t have a way to add together CO2 numbers from previous orders - you would have to check if order weight is also included in the dynamic event data for the event, if so, it can be included as a viable substitute. 

I’m including a few threads below relating to actually populating event data in your emails:

I hope that’s helpful.