Installing Event Variables in Abandon Cart Email

  • 15 September 2021
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How to show the items that customers have left behind on their cart as an abandoned cart email flow. For example, if One customer added a blue shirt x, green pant y and yellow shoe Z, How do I show the customers the exact product they added to cart so we can convert them into conversions?


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Hi @Mak

Thanks for reaching out to the Klaviyo Community! 

As long as you have your ecommerce store integrated with Klaviyo you will be able to do this! I’d recommend checking out the flows library in your account. You’ll see that there should already be a prebuilt abandoned cart flow template that will populate with the items in a user’s cart. 

Here is our help article on how to set up an abandoned cart flow.



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Hi @Mak


Welcome to the Community! 


This is such a great question to ask as our ‘Abandon Cart’ Flow drives so much revenue and is a big proponent in driving conversions for our customers.


@julie.accardo shared a great Help Center Article that will help you customize and utilize Best Practices for your Flow. It seems like you are looking to incorporate Event Variable Arrays into your Flow email. Event Variable Arrays allow you to use a single command to get all of the event variables for items within a group instantly — like being able to call out “Name” and getting the names of everyone in a long line. When it comes to a list of event variables, arrays allow you to do just that. The Help Center Article I linked will walk you through how to, in a sense, “call” out all the items in a customer’s abandoned cart to display in an email. Like the blue shirt x, green pant y and yellow shoe Z, you referenced above. 


If you run into any issues when installing this, I would reference other Community Posts about troubleshooting Event Variable Arrays, with your same integration, as other users might have run into a similar issue! 


Thanks for being a part of the Community!