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  • 28 August 2023
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hi there


One of our clients is a corporate gifting/ merch company, companies can buy t-shirts, mugs, towels etc with their logo on it in bulk. 

One of the features they are using on site is an ‘instant’ quote trigger. The current set up is done through EmailJS and SmartGrid (?). 

Do you know if there is a function in Klaviyo where we can do an instant quote type email, where it would dynamically pull in product details, pricing etc based on the customer actions?





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Hey @danielswanepoel 

This is a really great question! 

Unfortunately Klaviyo does not have a native integration built with EmailJS or SmartGrid, have you checked with either app to see if they have an integration built with Klaviyo. While we can’t support their integration, I’ve seen many other apps who have created their own integration with Klaviyo that might work. Also, what integration are your clients using for their site? I want to do a deeper dive to see if there is a possible work around depending on they integration they are currently using.

I’ll be on the lookout for your response!

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Hi Stephen 


Thank you for your response. 

Does Klaviyo have the ability to send instant quotes? Both emailJS and SendGrid are inadequate for what we require. 


The instant quote works in such a way that it pulls the information dynamically from the product page, using the below code, nothing complicated:

Product: {{product-title}}
Decoration method: {{decoration}}
Print locations (e.g., front + back = 2): {{locations}}
Quantity: {{quantity}}
Business name: {{business-name}}
Email: {{email}}
Phone (optional): {{phone}}
Quote amount: {{quote}} (excl. GST, freight)


What I’m struggling to find out, is what is driving the trigger from form to email..