Instantly send email response upon link click

  • 23 June 2021
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I want to create an “email trigger” (a la Ian Stanley’s teaching) where an email is INSTANTLY triggered when a user clicks a link (either in an email or on the site).


This way we can say “Check your email NOW” for the response.


ActiveCampaign has this feature.

9 replies

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Hi Marketer from Xero Shoes! :)


Here’s one way I can see you doing this for links clicked in an email (not sure if it’s instant, but happens pretty fast).

  1. Set up a segment to include those who clicked the link you want to track (the colour of the screenshot is that way because of my blue light filter :)):
  2. Create a Flow for anyone that enters that segment:


I’m not sure how to do this for a link clicked on the site. 


Curious, what’s the context/use-case behind this if you don’t mind sharing?


Also, who is Ian Stanely?


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Unfortunately, your idea doesn’t work because Klaviyo will take about 5 minutes to send the email in that flow.


The best way to describe the use case is to imagine having a text chat but via email. Or, imagine a “choose your own adventure” email series where clicking on one of 5 different links in the first email will immediately deliver one of 5 different follow-up emails.


Ian Stanley is an email marketer who uses this technique, which he calls “triggers.” The open rate on the subsequent emails is often 80%+ and keeps the reader HIGHLY engaged because of the immediacy.

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Interesting, do you have an example that uses this type of interaction? I’d love to go through that funnel to see what the experience is like. 


I understand the back and forth with text, but I would have thought that would get annoying with email (who wants more emails in their inbox??).


What would be the end goal then? Lead the person to a product page based on their answers, like a quiz funnel?

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Here’s a SIMPLE example from a recent email of Ian’s:


If your primary goal is to increase conversions, make more sales, or get better at persuasion overall, click the link below.

>>> I want to make more sales (or my first sale)

If your goal is to become one of the best email marketers on the planet, this next one is for you. (The sales in this one are flat out crazyyy.)

>>> I want to learn advanced email strategies

Once you click on those links you'll be taken on a journey.


You can see that people are led to EXPECT the email response, hence the high open rate of the email that is triggered by clicking on those links.


There are MANY possible end-goals, but the more valuable concepts are:

  • You can choose your own path through the messaging sequence
  • You’re explicitly asking to receive the subsequent messages so it doesn't feel like “getting too many emails”
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Oh, but one key to making this work is not having to wait AT ALL to get the subsequent emails.


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Got it.  Wonder how that would apply to the physical products world of eCommerce. I kinda get it for the service/digital product world.


If the person is engaged enough to read that initial email and click a link, the subsequent open rates I wouldn’t really care about since that metric is just vanity at that point. 


If you set up a funnel like this for Xero, I’d love to see you post a case study in the Show and Tell section here to see how it went (or continue on this thread).

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We are a physical product ecommerce company.


The #1 place to use this strategy is in the prospecting phase. We have many different types of customers who use our many different styles of footwear for MANY different use cases. We also have some who are still exploring the whole idea of natural movement (what we do).


To be able to segment them in a “real-time conversation” would allow us to move them through a funnel that’s more tailored to their specific needs should improve conversion significantly.


Similarly, post-purchase, there are opportunities to increase engagement, which could improve the number of customers who make subsequent purchases and the speed with which they do so.


In short, this strategy plays on Robert Cialdini’s ideas about micro-commitments. Getting someone to “raise their hand” by giving them a good/personal reason to click, and then see an IMMEDIATE response improves conversion.


All that said, we just need Klaviyo to be able to send the first email of flow IMMEDIATELY rather than after 5 minutes or so.

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I hear ya, love using micro-commitments to move people through the funnel (we use this on our pop-ups).


Have you looked into doing quiz funnels on the site?  Here’s an example: 


They use Typeform, pretty user friendly, integrates with Klaviyou and you can customize where to take them in real-time based on their responses.  Shoutout to @jsappington and team (I LOVE how y’all used the persons name on the product page after completing the funnel - GENIUS! I’m going to “borrow” that ;) )


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We’ve done some quiz funnels. In fact, think of “triggers” as the email version of a quiz funnel ;-)