Is is possible to build a "Send a Hint" workflow. Allows user to send email gift hint to another person

  • 1 November 2021
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Wondering if it is possible to setup a Send  a Hint type of workflow which allows site visitor to send an email gift hint to another person. The email would contain information on the ecommerce product chosen by the ‘sender’.


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Hi @haynesy - Welcome to the community!  

It’s technically possible to do this, you’ll have to use the Klaviyo API to pass in a Custom Metric like “Send a Hint” with the receiving party’s email address and the message as part of the properties to pass into Klaviyo.  However, I wouldn’t recommend this approach since there is some ambiguity if the receiving recipient has opted in for email “marketing” and may have issues with privacy compliance with GDPR or CCPA (if you have customers in California) - check with your legal counsel and local laws. Even if it’s compliant, these emails could likely be “reported as SPAM” or possibly misused by a sender that can cause problems for your overall deliverability.  

What I recommend is using the “mailto” URL functionality of most modern browsers on your site where it opens up the users’ default email client to send an email.  You can even pre-populate the Subject Line and Message Body (with a link to the product for example).  Since these are sent by the user themselves, from their native email account and their own email client (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, etc) it will actually be more compelling to the recipient.  You can learn more about the “mailto” link here:

Hope this helps!