Is Klaviyo's Cookie Policy Suppressing My Ad to Cart Flow

  • 15 September 2022
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I recently (7 weeks) migrated from MC to Klaviyo and ported my 2,000 mailing list for my Shopify store.  I set up an Add-to-Cart (ATC) flow and am seeing some fairly strange behavior where almost all of ATCs are being ‘skipped’.  I was suspecting that a GA4 ATC event I manually added to my Shopify code may have been causing the error.  Then I read that Klaviyo would only send ATC emails to those addresses previously cookied.  GA is reporting ~500 ATCs events a month, far below the # from Klaviyo.

So my questions are:  1) Is this cookie policy suppressing the ATC flow; 2) With over 80% of my traffic first time visitors and not cookied should I expect a very slow if any ramp in the effectiveness of the flow; or should I suspect some other root cause.


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Hello @Squamishpoacher,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Although I wouldn’t entirely say that the cookie policy is fully “suppressing” your add to cart flow, in my experience, it certainly does impact the reported number of add to cart events from Google Analytics when compared with who actually triggers the event in Klaviyo. This is because Google Analytics will typically report all users who’ve done something - including unknown/uncookied site visitors. 

Also, it’s typically for an abandoned cart flow (ATC/Checkout Started) to have more users being skipped than actually receive the flow. Similar to how the abandoned cart flow triggered by the checkout started event behaves as mentioned in our Getting started with the abandoned cart flow Help Center article:

It is important to note that everyone who starts a checkout will enter the flow. If they go on to place an order, they will be skipped. For this reason, you will typically see a large number of people who enter the flow being skipped due to "failing flow filters." This is actually a good thing and simply means the flow is functioning correctly by not sending abandoned cart emails to people who placed an order.

When applied to the abandoned cart flow triggered by the add to cart, everyone who triggers an add to cart event will enter the flow, but if they proceed to either trigger the checkout started event or placed an order, they would be skipped. 

I’ve explained this expected behavior in a previous Community post which I’ve included below along with several other resources that I think you’ll find helpful in reviewing:

I hope this helps!


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Thank you for the reply and the link to past resources.