Is there a possibility to have trigger webhook or Call API as an action in Flows ?

  • 29 July 2021
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I want to connect another platform to trigger content based on the FLOW setup in klaviyo. 

Basically, if someone performs an event and is recorded in klaviyo, I want to send content to that user through another platform. 


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5 replies

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Hello @kirti,

Thank you for sharing this information with the Klaviyo Community.

You can use Klaviyo’s Metrics API to export events and/or event data, and from there, ingest that data into your platform. Alternatively, you can add logic to the origin of the event, and trigger an API call to your other platform at the same time the event gets sent into Klaviyo. This solution would involve adding logic to your site to not only send the event to Klaviyo, but also send an event to your other platform. While we at Klaviyo don’t have specifics as to what that other platform would require to achieve this, in short you’d need to add an event listener attached to the user action/event to relay that information back to your platform.

You may also want to look into Zapier which can be an easier alternative to setting up an API connection.



@Dov while Metrics is a good idea for gathering info, it’s not the same as a trigger. I would also like to call a URL or something from within a flow. For example, at the end of a sales email sequence, I would like to trigger an event in Zapier. Currently that’s not possible as far as I know.

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Hi @wolfandiron,

Thanks for providing that additional clarity.

That is correct, we do not have a built-in flow action to make an API call or trigger a subsequent event in a 3rd party platform at the end of a flow.

You may want to consider exploring our update profile property action block. This is an action that can be used in a flow, and allows you to collect and track profile data as people move through flows.

This flow action allows you to:

  • Update an existing profile property
  • Remove an existing profile property
  • Create and set a new profile property

Using these blocks can be helpful to “tag” users to keep track of when they are moving throughout the flow. For example, if you wanted to only target people current in that flow or if you wanted to exclude people passing through that flow from other email sends. You can find a more detailed example of this type of use-case in the thread below:

Update profile property blocks are also helpful for tagging users end of the flow and moving them into a secondary flow. For example, adding a “create new profile property” block at the end of flow 1 - say tagging the user with the property “Favorite Color = Red”. Next, setting up a secondary segment-triggered flow defined as “Properties about someone > Favorite Color = Red”. The result will be, once the user finishes flow 1, they will be tagged with the property “Favorite Color = Red” and automatically enter flow 2 triggered off of that same property. We have additional use-cases using this type of block here

I know that is not the exact functionality you were looking for, but I hope that it’s helpful in finding a workaround or getting you a step closer to your goal 🙂. Thanks for being a member of our community.

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I found this thread when searching for a related issue. The answer appears to be out of date. Perhaps this functionality has been added since this question was originally posted.

It is possible to initiate a webhook to a 3rd party app in a flow. The limitation is that the trigger for the call has to be an event that can be used as a flow trigger.

In case it helps for future searchers on this topic, here’s are docs on how to do it:

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Hey @ColinDodgson 

Thank you so much for adding this info to the thread! We do our best to keep post updated with the most current info but sometimes we miss something. Thank you for being an amazing community member and helping others out with the correct info!