Is there a way to add a poll in my email?

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If someone could help me answer this in a detailed way for an intermediate Klaviyo user that would be really helpful!!!

I am just wondering if this is possible and how to do it! Thank you so much in advance!


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I would also love to see a “poll block” added to the email editor. That would be so incredible and helpful when it comes to needing simple answers and data from customers. 

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Hey @pmaxwell 

Thank you so much for the feedback. I will share this with our product team for continued evaluation. We appreciate when our members let us know what features would help their business goals. It helps to make Klaviyo better everyday!

@stephen.trumble, yea the typeform is a little more formal than what we are hoping to achieve. We want it to be super playful and simple, just a click of a button (not driving off the email). 

@Taylor Tarpley Has this been revisited from a product standpoint? Would love the ability to easily add one click polls to our community emails. Beehiiv does this really well (and super simple!) and it would be a great way for us to quickly get the community pulse for upcoming products and also engage with the community. 

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There are 2 options that I know off but bot of them are quite complex, hopefully you will be able to handle it..

  1. First one is explained in this Klaviyo article so basically you will add buttons and each button will give people different properties, or it can be same property with different values but in this case only the last clicked will be available to the profile.
  2. For the second option you will need a Typeform account and you will need to integrate Typeform account with klaviyo. Then you will need to create a poll or form in Typeform and add the code to klaviyo email. Both the integration and how to do this thing are explained in this Typeform article.

I’ll be another vote for “please add a poll/survey block into the builder. This would be extremely useful. 

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Hi @Vbeebs,


Thanks for sharing your question with us!


@Bobi N. is spot on here! Additionally we have a Typeform <>Klaviyo integration article I’d also recommend checking out as well to better know how we sync information between the two! 


Thanks for participating in our Community!



@stephen.trumble @Taylor Tarpley 

I am also interested in a simple poll option built into email as opposed to redirecting to another platform ($). 


I’m on this page as this is what I was also trying to research - I would love a way to add an embedded poll within my email. Even if was a slight tweak on the click a link and record a custom property - I dont want to take the customer off the email to a page on my sight to be able to record a click/vote. 

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Thanks so much! Okay will look into this further!

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Hey @KCurrier 

Thank you so much for reaching back out on this topic!

At this time, the Typeform integration is still the best way to achieve this. I will roll your feedback up to our product team. The more voices we have the faster they usually bring a product feature to life. Thanks again for your insight. We truly appreciate community members like you who help us make Klaviyo better everyday!

Alternatively to Typeform, you cal also use Survicate and embed the first survey question in the Klaviyo email. 

Survicate offers native, one-click integration with Klaviyo. It enables you to easily create surveys with Klaviyo-ready email templates. Once your customers start responding, you will be able to see your customers' data in Survicate. You can also send responses to mapped Klaviyo attributes or as tags.