Is there a way to include more information in abandoned cart email dynamic block?

  • 6 October 2021
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I am a newbie when it comes to Klaviyo, and am currently creating an abandoned cart flow. However, personally I think the email is quite bare with just the dynamic quantity and price and product name. Is there something else you can include here? Perhaps a preview of the product description?


Thanks in advance!


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Hi @odan,

Welcome to Klaviyo, we’re very happy to have you as a part of our community!

The short answer is yes you can include additional items in the email beyond quantity, price and name. However, you will only be able to include data relating to the event that triggers the flow. In the case of the Abandoned Cart flow, the event is “Checkout Started”. Therefore, we can only display event data relating to the event “Checkout Started” in the flow email.

With that said, if you ever are looking to add a specific event variable to your email, you’ll need to click the “Preview” icon on the left-hand side within the template editor. From here, a modal will pop-up with all of the data available to populate in the email. I can tell you from experience that we do not include the product description as a part of that data but, in theory if it was there, you could include it by clicking on the product description line-item in the modal and pulling that tag into the email. I strongly recommend reading through our article About Using Event Variables to Personalize Flow Emails for more information on this process.

Additionally, you should check out the threads below which also speaks to this concept in more detail:

For events that store multiple values for each line item, simply copying and pasting the tag directly from the preview modal will not suffice (for example Checkout Started for Shopify which stores multiple items in the cart). This is because in these cases, we need to account for multiple values of the same variable, for example 4 different prices for 4 different items. Klaviyo explains how to display event data for these types of events using event variable arrays here

I hope that is helpful.

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@Dov Thank you so much for the answer - it cleared some things up for me :grin:

Is there a way to pull in more variables for addition that aren’t in the preview page?

I am looking to get the product description, or subheading into the mix here.

Thank you!