Is there a way to move someone automatically from one flow to another?

  • 12 September 2022
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I have some people going through a lead gen flow. Is there a way to have them automatically moved to our email list to start getting regular campaign emails or to have them go through the welcome series without me having to move them manually?


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Hey @sarah.g, welcome to the community!


For the first part of the question about moving them into a list, are they not added to the list when entering the lead gen flow (I’m assuming they fill out a form?).  If not, then you’d have to add them manually (maybe put them in a segment and import them via CSV to the list)… or just include that segment for campaign sends. 


For the 2nd part about having them go through another flow… first it’s important to understand how people enter flows → through triggers.   There’s 4 triggers you can use to start a flow:

Given those triggers, I’d say probably the best way to get people from one flow to another flow is through segment triggers (ie. when they reach the end of your lead gen flow, you have an Update Profiler Property action that puts them in a segment, then use that segment to trigger a flow). 


Usually welcome flows use a List trigger, so maybe you have a duplicate of the welcome flow that uses the trigger instead of Lead Gen profiles?


Throwing out some ideas, would love to hear if other members have done anything like this and what their solution was.

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Hi @sarah.g you could end the first flow by adding a tag to the profile and basically use that as a condition for a segment. Then create a flow that's based on that segment. This would then trigger whenever someone gets that tag.

Adding users to a list automatically is not possible (yet) and to be honest not sure if that's best practice if people did not sign up for email so asking them this in an email would be best and directing them to a form i.e.


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