Is there a way to show a specific category of products in an email?

  • 21 April 2022
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I’m trying to create a product block only to show when a person has recently browsed the homeware section of our site. It is a homeware and clothing store so it doesn’t make much sense to show clothing as recommended items when they’ve browsed homeware and vice versa.

I’m going into the preview mode and seeing that {{ event.Categories.5 }} is ‘homeware’ so i’m trying to show a dynamic product block based on that, but it doesn’t work, it just keeps on still showing clothing items. 

I’ve successfully managed to just show blocks based on the person’s sex using the person|lookup:'Sex' = 'Female' variable, but for some reason just can’t get this homeware category to work. Something i’ve also noticed is that the category number sometimes changes depending on the preview, it was 5 in one preview and then in another the category 5 was Trousers. So do I need to put the text homeware in rather than the category number? The store has multiple iterations of homeware, like homeware candles for instance, so I also need to know how to add multiple variables in.

Any help appreciated!


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Hi there @Fransal


Welcome to the Community! Glad to have you, this is a great question!


Totally understand wanting to market products that a customer is more likely to buy aka homeware vs clothing. However, instead of utilizing our  dynamic variables, I would suggest checking out creating a specific product feed that you can show in your email. Product feeds are a type of data feed that can be used to generate specific product recommendations in an email.


A product feed will pull product information from your ecommerce integration and display this information in an email template. This feature can be used in flow or campaign emails via the drag-and-drop product block Next, you can choose to filter the items in the feed by categories that you may have ie. specifically household products. To include categories in your feed, check Limit to specific categories, and select the categories you want to include. Likewise, to exclude categories, select Exclude specific categories, and choose the categories from the dropdown that you want to exclude. If there is an item that is in both a category that is included and excluded, the product will not show to customers.


For more insight, I’d recommend checking out these similar topics to understand more about product feeds! 


Hope this helps and thanks for participating in the Community!