Is there anyway to create a scratch & win email that triggers after every purchase?

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Hi everyone, 

I saw there was already an answer to this but I wanted to make sure that there isn’t a new feature. I want to create a scratch & win email that triggers after an order is placed for a specific time period. 


I know there are apps that enable a pop-up but I’m after a way it can be in an email. 


Does anyone know how to do this? Your help is greatly appreciated!


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Hey! What’s the link to the other answer?


Not sure a way to do it within an email that’s truly random.  Or, you could have an image that looks like a scratch and win, which then takes them to a landing page for more details on it? or the actual scratch and win feature. 


Just throwing ideas out there, haven’t done it myself.  Would love to hear what others have to say!

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Hey @Mailbox Manny,

I believe the post that @bespokeskintechnology is referencing is this one:

@bespokeskintechnology, if this was the post in question, then the answers in that post are still relevant today. Outside of building and using AMP emails to simulate a scratch and reveal feature, one of the limitations to such a feature within an email pertains to how inbox providers perceive embedded content. I’ve previously explained this a bit in the below Community post as well:

I hope this helps!