Is there double attribution if you send emails daily?

  • 1 December 2022
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My eCommerce business is sending EDMs daily. We’ve adjusted the attribution window down from the default 5 days to 2 days but I’m wondering if there might still be double counting of revenue generated by individual campaigns.

Should we adjust the attribution window to 1 day given the high sending frequency? 

Appreciate the advice! 


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3 replies

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Hi @joannahyr,

From what i understand Klaviyo attribute the last email interaction to transaction. So double attribution is imposible.


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Hi @Jakub 

Thanks for the reply! 

To clarify, does this mean that if someone clicks on email A on 4 Dec, and opens email B on 5 Dec, then makes a purchase on my site on 6 Dec, the sale will be attributed to email B and not to email A? Since email B is the last email interaction. 



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@joannahyr - yup, your scenario is correct. The attribution will be assigned to email B and not to email A (or any other emails - and SMS if you use Klaviyo for SMS).

You can more details a out message attribution and conversion tracking here: