Issue with Abandon Cart Flow

  • 16 March 2023
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When creating an abandon cart flow, the button that is supposed to bring the customer back to checkout is 

  1. not returning to the checkout page
  2. showing the url from my Shopify domain rather than

Looking back in some test emails I sent myself, sometimes the link works properly and sometimes not. What can I do to fix this? 


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Hey @MikinnaMartin 

Welcome to the community and congrats on your first post!

I understand you are having some trouble with the Recover Cart URL that is sent out to customers via your Abandoned Checkout Flow in Klaviyo. This checkout URL actually comes directly from Shopify. 

You can find it if you navigate to Shopify > Orders > Abandoned checkouts:
You can look for any customer that has not yet placed an order, to find their most recent recover checkout URL. From there, you can insert the customer's most recent recover checkout URL directly into your web browser.
This takes Klaviyo entirely out of the equation to show you that Klaviyo is simply the medium through which you are sending this checkout URLs to your customers. Shopify is entirely responsible for generating these links.
If you see any undesired redirect behavior, please know that Shopify's Team is currently aware of issues causing:

  • Redirects to your website home page
  • Redirects to a "Something went wrong" message

Shopify is working to resolve these known issues on their end. The most recent update was made as of November 3, 2022 and this recent fix from Shopify should reduce the number of instances where Checkout URLs redirect to a “Something went wrong” error page. The result is that cases that would have previously redirected to a “Something went wrong” error page are now redirecting to the website homepage instead. Most of these cases are specific to customers who have proceeded to place their order and therefore have no reason to click on a recover cart URL.
Remember that if you are previewing your Abandoned Checkout Flow within Klaviyo, you will be previewing with the 10 most recent Started Checkout events regardless of whether those customers have proceeded to place their order or not. It is quite common for the checkout URL to redirect to your website's home page for customers who proceed to place their order. 
Please also know that if you are using an app within Shopify that customizes the checkout page or customizes the post-purchase page, that this app could also potentially be conflicting with Shopify's ability to properly generate a recover cart URL. 

Hope this helps! Thanks again for being part of the community!