issue with button return to cart on abandoned cart flow

  • 27 February 2021
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Hello everyone,

my issue is that my link to return to my cart isn’t working properly.

It takes me to a 404 page of my bigcommerce site.

I used the guideline for that flow properly I think, but I might have missed something.

Here are the links I copied from their button:

{{ organization.url|trim_slash }}{{ item.product.url }}

{{ organization.url }}cart.php

These links aren’t sending me to the cart. I can see a suffix added to the link

Could anybody help?


Below is where the link should go



Best answer by elisegaines 3 March 2021, 17:15

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3 replies

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An fyi,

we use BigCommerce in association with a wordpress front store.

When a customer click the return to my cart button, he should get back to the wordpress front cart page.

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Hi @salamiadil ! Could you try using {{ organization.url }}cart instead of {{ organization.url }}cart.php? That matches the URL I see in the correct screenshot you shared above. 


The ?_ke= parameter is how Klaviyo tracks clicks, which is what allows the app to track revenue and cookie users; it shouldn’t interfere with your site at all. There’s more information available here, if you’d like to learn more!




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Hi Elise,

thank you for your answer, it worked.

It was the .php?

I did copied it from the bigcommerce template button.

Thank you again