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  • 27 November 2023
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We are a brand that has a high volume of new customers purchasing into 1 x specific item for their first order and want to encourage a second order of additional products to complete the range within 30 days of the first order. 


What would be the best way to set up 1 x flow for the below? 

Email 1: 12 hours from PURCHASE 

Email 2: 3 days from PURCHASE  

Email 3: 1 day from DELIVERY 

Email 4: 10 days from DELIVERY 

Email 5: 15 days from DELIVERY 



  • We have worldwide delivery, and therefore difficult to predict delivery on just a time delay of ‘20 Days’ from above email in the flow. 
  • We have a segment built for this customer group where this specific product purchase = 1 of all time. 
  • Customer will drop out of this flow once second purchase has been completed. 



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Hi @HannahBud 

If I understand correctly, a customer places an order for product A. You want an upsell flow sequence that promotes products B, C etc before you ship their initial order for product A at around 30-days.

You want to trigger from both purchase and prior to delivery (which I assume is a custom date property). It would be much easier, and achievable with one flow, if only triggering from placed order!

However, to trigger from both placed order and a delivery date, I think you'll need to have 2 flows.

Flow #1: trigger is placed ordered

Flow #2: date triggered from delivery date

Flow #1. This would trigger on placed order with a trigger filter for product A. It also has flow filters to check if this is their first order of Product A (ordered product = 1 over all time) AND that they have not placed an order for upsell Product B since starting this flow. You can add OR conditions to this to check for zero orders of the other upsell products/categories.

The flow filter for zero orders of Product B is evaluated prior to each email being sent; a contact will get skipped if they buy Product B while they're in the flow.

Flow #2. This is date-triggered (see below) by CEE_date (insert your delivery date property). The filters do the following:

  • Filter for only new customers of Product A
  • Filter for ordered Product B zero times in last 15 days. This is to filter any customers who purchase Product B after exiting Flow #1
  • Skip any customers who purchase Product B while in this flow.


  • You will need to ensure that there aren't other post-purchase flows that are sending to these contacts while in these upsell flows
  • You may want to add some additional trigger filters to exclude any customers who included your upsell products in their initial order.
  • I suggest testing with emails set to manual just to make sure all timings and filters work as you went them to.

Does that work for your use case?



flow #1


flow #2


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@HannahBud this seems like a flow that could become very valuable to your brand! @bluesnapper gave you good feedback on the logic considerations. 


From a retention standpoint, I’d encourage you to reconsider your timing here:

Email 1: 12 hours from PURCHASE 

Email 2: 3 days from PURCHASE  


IF someone has just placed an order, especially as a first-time customer, this is an important moment to set the tone for what it feels like to be a customer of your brand. Our agency encourages caution when asking for the next purchase - you don’t want to do this too soon. That new customer has just placed a lot of trust in you, and IF they have not yet received the item they initially ordered, they are more likely to feel frustrated/ annoyed by you recommending 1-2 additional products and asking them to purchase again. Some people will place orders when receiving your New Customer Thank You flow, without being prompted to buy something again - so give that time to play out. 


THEN for this cross-sell focus, it’s a better customer experience IF you wait for that first purchase to be delivered, THEN check 1-3 days after delivery to ensure they’ve not Refunded Order (returned it) since receiving the product. THEN it’s a good time to recommend the next item for them to complete their set, and the next, and so on…


You might also consider if some of these items should be recommended simultaneously (ex; 2 products in one email). If it’s a “complete the set” kind of moment, people might feel more intrigued when they can visualize how all 3 products would work together in one email, with lifestyle images demonstrating how good/ fun it would feel to have that experience. 





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