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  • 20 March 2023
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I have just added to my store, and have followed their tutorial to generate my emails in klaviyo -

When I test the email, I am getting the error message


Message displayed without tags or variables Fix invalid template tags or variables  to preview the message with actual profiles and events. say they can’t help unfortunately, even though they provided the instructions. 

is anyone able to help me with this? I need the email to include multiple products. 

I would also like to be able to send a follow up email 7 days later if no review was left - but can’t see any condition eg SubmittedReview to use

Would really appreciate some help, thank you


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2 replies

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Hi, I’ve got the email working correctly now - but if anyone can answer me about the follow up email condition SubmittedReview I would appreciate it, thank you


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Hey @Bonza Dog Treats 

Thanks for asking for help with your integration. Sorry to hear that they told you they weren’t able to help you even though it is their integration. 

Generally speaking, we only offer support on native integration built in Klaviyo. should have been able to provide the support you needed, as they know how the integration was built and how it is expected to work. 

While I can’t give you any concrete answers because I just don't know the integration, I can share what I personally learned after reviewing the integration doc you shared.

From what I read, SubmittedReview is not passed as an event variable in this integration. If you want to pass this kind of data from to Klaviyo, you would need to work with a developer using these V3 API documents to build a custom integration that will pass this information into Klaviyo.

Hope this helps!