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  • 25 March 2022
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First of all, I think it is not ok that Klaviyo only provides live support for paying customers…..

I really need help,

I am trying to set up a Welcome Flow with subscribing on my Shopify account.  When i press integrate--I don’t have the option to check “customers that agree….”

How do I get this flow connected to my subscription page?

Also, what is a preview list?  At the beginning of the flow, it says that email will go to anyone of the Preview List…


thank you so much!  I am really having a hard time and have already spent a lot of time trying to set this up!



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Hey @TickledPink 

I am so sorry you are still having a tough time getting your welcome flow going. Based on your previous post, the issue is not with your Shopify integration with Klaviyo. Your signup form is currently hosted on Pagefly. You need to add Klaviyo on your Pagefly account first to the subscribers are sent to klaviyo. I included the article on how to achieve this from Pagefly in my previous response. Second when you set up the welcome series, the flow is triggered by a list in your account. Most likely, the flow was initially set up with the “Preview List” as the trigger. You can see who is on this list and what signup form they came from on your List tab on your dashboard and select the Preview list. I would suggest getting Pagefly to recognize klaviyo first, and get that set up. Then I would create the Welcome Series with the correct list, that was set up on Pagefly, as the trigger for your welcome series. To make it quick to find the article you need for Pagefly, here is the post with my last response that has article included: 

Also if you find yourself still stuck you can reach out to one of our Klaviyo Partners for help or Klaviyo Support through your dashboard.