Klaviyo Flows Attributed Revenue is down drastically for last 30 days

  • 11 April 2023
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Some of our flows (abandoned cart, welcome series) are showing drops up to 75% in terms of revenue attributed, and opening rates/clicks rates are showing a downward trend. We haven’t changed the flows, so what can be the possible reasons? 


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4 replies

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Hi @Anujtyagi, welcome to the community!


I’d encourage you to start by comparing the number of deliveries for each email in the flow within the last 30 days, and the 3 months leading up to that. If there’s a significant drop, it might tell you something about the flow trigger being broken, or indicate there’s another factor impacting the flow engagement. 


For the abandoned cart flow; what ecommerce platform are you integrated with? There might be something about that integration that’s broken and not correctly triggering the “started checkout” event that sends people into the flow. 


If you have a paid Klaviyo account, it would be useful to get on live chat and ask Klaviyo support to help you examine that. They have access to backend data about your ecommerce events that can help you more specifically. 


For your welcome series flow; have you noticed similar changes in your optin rates? Is traffic to your site down overall? 


These are good places to start. After you’ve checked on those things, then I’d consider the content of the flow. Sometimes a drop in engagement means the flow content is no longer resonating as much as it did before, and it’s time to try something new with your offers and copywriting. 


You might also find this related recommendation from @David To helpful for troubleshooting your revenue changes. 


I hope this helps!

~ Gabrielle 

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Sometimes it helps to make the date range narrower, too... if it's just the past 7 days, you can evaluate whether it's external influences before rushing to change stuff.

For example, some niches drop in sales during school holidays; if you've just run a great ad that has more people buy on the first visit without even subscribing; if a major holiday recently happened that boosted your sales and so now the comparable period looks really bad (but is actually fine/baseline).

Also, check your new subsciber count in case your sign up form is the issue; and that none of the emails within your flows have switched to manual mode.

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Thanks for your responses and I checked the flow opening rates for three months and clearly opening rates had decreased drastically from Jan to March. (All flows data from 1st Jan ‘23 to 11th April’23)


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@Anujtyagi okay, so you’ve pinpointed a milestone date where open rates started to drop. 


If open rates are down, that will explain why revenue is lower. I’d encourage you to work through the other steps I recommended, and that will help you identify what next to do to improve the conversion rate of your flow.


You’ve got this!


~ Gabrielle