Klaviyo & Shopify: Abandoned cart flow doesn't work

  • 25 August 2023
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Hi everyone, I am new on Klaviyo and kind of struggling with the abandoned cart flow.

I double checked all my settings like 100 times and everything seems right (i checked all the integration infos, the added and abandoned cart infos) but nothing seems to work.


So: I integrated Klaviyo via the app on Shopify. Onsite tracking is enabled, embedded App is activated and snippet (id) is inserted in the custom liquid of my standard product page. I tested it with starting the check out (up until having to insert my credit card infomation then I closed the shop).


However: the flow does not get triggered. I don’t know if it matters but I was able to integrate the sign up pop up which works perfectly fine (despite appearing more than once). So the integation must be ok. But even though a few people started the check out, it says: “Checkout started = 0”

Can anyone help with this? Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance!




PS: Unfortunately, when I first integrated the app in April it was still not allowed to use it in Germany due to the missing Privacy Shield 2.0. That’s why my “contact the support for free” phase is already over and I cannot talk to them. So if anyone has any clue, I’d be super thankful!



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7 replies


oh and one more thing I just discovered:


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Hi @bohoatheart, welcome to the community!


I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your Shopify integration. My fellow champions @retention and @Bobi N. might be able to help you troubleshoot what’s going on.


The Klaviyo Community team might also be able to help you… @David To @Brian Turcotte 





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@ebusiness pros - thanks for the shout out!

Hi @bohoatheart - it looks like you’re using the “Added to Cart” Trigger, and you may not have setup that metric yet. 

But before we go into that, you should start with the Standard Abandoned Cart reminder (not to be confused with Added to Cart Abandonment) which uses the “Checkout Started” Trigger.  You can find this in the the Flow Library for “Abandoned Cart Reminder - Standard (Email & SMS)” like this:

This is Flow that sends out an email when someone starts the Checkout process, but does not make a purchase in your specified time. Although this is normally called “Cart Abandonment” - it’s really a “Checkout Abandonment.” (I know, confusing).

Once you have that setup, you can then decide if you want to also add the “Added to Cart Abandonment” for returning Subscribers. Remember, only returning Subscribers that Klaviyo can identify, will Klaviyo have their email address to send if they don’t go to the Checkout process.  This is a bit more advanced Flow, but you will need to add some code to your site to let Klaviyo know every time a Subscriber adds an item in their cart.  You can read more about setting this up on Shopify here:

Start with the Checkout Abandonment Flow and see if that works and let us know!


Joseph Hsieh // // twitter: @retenion 



Hi @retention ,


thank you so much for your answer.

unfortunately, everything you mentioned is already done. Sign Up form (works), Welcome Series (works), Abandoned Cart with trigger ‚Checkout started‘ (from the library) and additional snippet embed for ‚Add to Cart’ event with id instead of class code.

I realised that the Abandoned Cart needs checkout to have started. That’s what I tested with a few different accounts but nothing happens.

any other ideas?





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Hi @bohoatheart - Hmm this is an odd one. Usually the integration with Shopify is quite seamless and doesn’t require any manual implementation into the liquid unless you’re trying to do more advanced things.

The “Checkout Started” metric should be flowing natively through the integration - and you should be able to see recent activity in integrations → Shopify: 

Is the Klaviyo app still showing in the Shopify installed apps? It may be worth doing a fully removing the integration, then re-adding it in Klaviyo. 


Once reinstalled you can re-import all historical data through the integrations page. 



David, thank you so so much. It worked!

Unbelievable that sometimes you search for days and then the problem get‘s solved be reinstalling it.


Thanks you and best wishes from Germany!

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@bohoatheart No worries - sometimes the old “Turn it off and on again” does the trick haha.

Herzliche Grüße zurück aus Neuseeland!