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I’ve set up an automated email flow that triggers upon someone joining a specific segment. The segment is then filtered by a profile filter of fulfilling an order within the last 15 days. There is a 14 day time delay, after which a follow-up email is sent out.


If I check the preview list on the trigger + filter, everything is correct. When checking the waiting list on the email however, only a few of the emails that should be populating are there. Anyone have a solution for this? 


Thanks in advance!


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Welcome to the community @Bryan G. 

Can you share the flow filters and segment conditions? What is the segment/flow trying to achieve?

I wonder if your issue is that segment-trigger flows only triggers once for a profile when they are first added to the segment.

Depending on your specific use case, it may be that a metric-triggered flow is the way to go; using the fulfilled order metric + filters/conditional splits, A profile will enter the flow each time their order is fulfilled and meets those additional conditions.



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Building on @bluesnapper’s great points, here are a few additional things to consider…

Keep in mind this does depend on they type of flow you are building and what you ultimately want to achieve:

Firstly, Ensure the segment conditions and profile filters are set correctly. Sometimes, dynamic changes in segment membership can affect the waiting list in your flow. If profiles leave the segment before the 14-day delay, they won’t receive the follow-up email.

Double-check the re-evaluation settings of your flow. Klaviyo allows you to re-evaluate profiles based on segment membership changes. If re-evaluation is off, profiles won’t re-enter the flow if they meet the conditions again. Feel free to checkout this article: Understanding changes to how segment conditions evaluate null or empty values

Confirm the logic used in your flow filters. If your filter is too restrictive, it might exclude profiles that otherwise meet the initial trigger conditions. Ensure that the filter criteria align with your goals depending on the flow you are creating.

As Andy mentioned, consider using a metric-triggered flow based on the ‘Fulfilled Order’ event. This can offer more flexibility and ensures that profiles enter the flow whenever the specific action (order fulfillment) occurs.

Hope this helps :)


Hi guys, 


Thank you for your responses. To give more depth, the segment conditions are based on specific states that we are segmenting. For example our California segment has a properties about someone definition that fits “CA” or “California” for the State/Region.


The profile filter is for someone who has fulfilled Order at least once in the last15 days.


The segment is mainly to have a list of said people in specific regions for us to use at a later time. I am now realizing though, that as you all mentioned doing a metric flow might work better, specially as it comes to repeat orders. 


Thank you again! 

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Hi @Bryan G. 

Thanks for the additional information. Makes sense that you would want the segments too for future use.

You can also use a fulfilment-triggered flow and conditional splits based on State/Region if you want to automate messages and personalise the flow content based on where they reside. Alternatively, if the email content is pretty much the same across all states but with minor changes for location, you could also use display logic for blocks within the email rather than conditional splits, i.e show the CA block to those profiles etc,



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@Bryan G. 

Your approach with segments based on specific states and recent fulfillment sounds solid! To add even more depth and efficiency to your strategy, consider these tips based on some recent research I found:

  1. Dynamic Content Personalization: You can leverage Klaviyo’s dynamic content feature to customize email blocks based on the state. This way, you don't need multiple templates. For example, show a specific block only if the recipient is from California. This saves time and ensures consistency across your emails.

  2. Advanced Segmentation Techniques: Think about layering your segments for more precise targeting. Combine location data with behavior, such as purchase history or email engagement. For instance, you can create segments of California customers who have purchased within the last 30 days and have a high engagement rate.

  3. Behavioral Triggers: Setting up behavioral triggers can help automate your campaigns. For example, use triggers for actions like product views or cart additions, tailored to specific regions. This will not only personalize the user experience but also enhances engagement by sending timely and relevant content.

  4. Predictive Analytics: Utilize Klaviyo’s predictive analytics to identify potential repeat customers. This can help you tailor your messaging to those most likely to purchase again, increasing your chances of conversion.

I’ve included these resources for you as well:

  • Klaviyo’s advanced segmentation guide offers insights on combining various data points to create ultra-precise segments. It’s a great way to ensure your messages are always relevant and timely​ (Klaviyo Help Center)​.
  • This article on maximizing ROI with advanced segmentation and personalization strategies provides a comprehensive look at how to leverage Klaviyo’s features to boost your email marketing effectiveness​ (Hello Savant)​.
  • For practical tips on tailoring your messages for maximum impact, including demographic, geographic, and behavioral segmentation, this guide is quite useful​ (Endertech)​.

Hope this helps you refine your strategy even further.