Link for the re-buy email doesn't work

  • 11 August 2022
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Hi there, 

The link for sending the customers to the cart on the website doesn’t work. When I have build the email campaign it was working, but not anymore.

Anyways, I made a Re-buy flow and on the email I have written “

Hi {{ first_name|title|default:'there' }},

Thanks for your previous order from XXX! It has now been a few weeks, and we hope you are happy with your purchase.

Listed below are some of our most popular products to inspire you.

{% with event.extra.line_items as items %} We've also prepared a cart for you so if you're ready to repeat your last order, click here to head directly to checkout. {% endwith %}


But the “click here” link doesn’t work anymore.. The URL on the link is {{ organization.url }}/cart/{{ item.variant_id }}:{{ item.quantity|floatformat:'0' }}


I want the “Click here” to be linking to the cart, so the customers can directly checkout with the same products that they have ordered before. 


Can you please help by fixing this? 

Thank you! 

Best regards,




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4 replies

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Hey @Kristina V 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! Thanks for coming in to ask for help with your abandon cart email.

When you say the link is no longer working, can you share what customers see when they click the link? Does it give you an error? Does the link lead to a blank screen? Is it not rebuilding the cart? Also, what integration are you using? With more info it would be a bit easier to troubleshoot why your link recently stopped working.

I’ll be on the lookout for your reply!

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Hey @stephen.trumble, thank you for your message. The link should go to the website checkout and contain the same products that the customers had ordered before. Right now the link is linking to 404 not found page. The flow is not active right now, I am using the “preview” to check if all the links are working. Please find the attached screenshots. One of the screenshots shows where the link should link (I made the screenshot when the link was working, and the other one is with an error that is showing now). Klaviyo is integrated with Shopify.
I am really sorry if I am missing something, but I am pretty new by using Klaviyo and I am not an expert yet :D 


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Are you able to successfully use that url formula and add products to the checkout?

I’ve not heard of the url before, but just tried it with a couple of the stores we work with and they all lead to a 404 error. I did a little googling around on this and did find a blog post showing how this works, but I couldn’t replicate it successfully. 

Possible this is no longer a feature of Shopify stores? Not sure if others have had any luck with this.

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