Links to Abandoned Cart Not Working

  • 11 October 2021
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We set up the two following abandoned checkout flows- one is targeting customers shopping for a subscription (Recharge checkout), and the other is for customers shopping for a one-time purchase (Shopify checkout).

We want to link both back to their saved carts, but having some difficulty. 

These are the link structures I’ve tried using:
{{ event.extra.checkout_url }}
{{ organization.url }}/cart

It either brings me to the homepage or shopping cart but it shows 0 items on cart even though there is an item.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Hello @dsarino,

Thanks for sharing this question with the Klaviyo community.

These are the correct tags, so you have that squared away!

Additionally, can you confirm that you have both Recharge’s “Checkout Started” and Shopify’s “Checkout Started” events logged in your account? If not, and you are just previewing the email, for the Shopify metric, the behavior of showing 0 items would be expected because there aren’t any events to pull from just yet. I also recommend testing using a live email send to your email address and then clicking on the tag to return to the cart.

With respect to the Recharge “Started Checkout” metric, please note that this does not restore the shopper's checkout session; it just sends them back to the cart page. If you or another user is using a different device after starting the session, or if the cache has been cleared, the cart won’t be able to be restored. 

If this was not the case, I also recommend testing this email through a live test (rather than a preview).

The easiest way to live test is to clone your existing abandoned cart flow, strip out all time-delays, trigger splits, conditional splits etc. and set the email containing the dynamic “return to cart” tag to “manual” mode,. That will allow you to isolate this flow email and trigger it only for your profile.

From there trigger the “Checkout Started” event, and click on the dynamic tag in the email from your inbox, that should bring you back to the cart with the correct items.

I hope that is helpful!