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  • 22 April 2021
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Is there a place to see all of the standard profile and event merge tags that can be used in Klaviyo emails? I cannot find a place that shows the data and it’s formatting


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Hey @DCoreyT

Great question! By default, Klaviyo does not have a comprehensive list of all available tags you can use within a Klaviyo email. This is due to the wide variety of custom aspects that Klaviyo allow clients to use such as Custom Profile Properties or Custom API events whose metadata and event variables can still be referenced in the Klaviyo emails. 


That said, you can find a number of common Event Variables and the format of these syntax from the About Using Event Variables to Personalize Flows article. Also from within the article, you can learn how to find and reference your desired dynamic event variables through a process of utilizing the Preview tool Klaviyo offers. Essentially, when previewing an email housed within a flow that is triggered by your desired event variable, you are provided a preview window of the Raw Metadata of the event that when clicked on, would provide you the dynamic syntax needed to reference it in your emails. 


In the case you were looking to see all available properties you can reference within a Klaviyo email, you can actually apply a text block and utilize the Insert Property function to assist with this. When clicking into this feature, a drop-down menu would appear for you to see all available Profile Properties you can reference and use within the email; selecting any of these properties would also add them to your emails automatically. You can also learn more about using and formatting dynamic syntax and variables from the Template Tags and Variable Syntax we offer. 


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Followed the instructions but could not enter a phone number from customer profile into an email.

I’ve tried each of the top 6 results in Klaviyo academy and klaviyo community.

Nothing works.

These codes I’ve tried:

{{ person|lookup:'Phone' }}


{{ person|lookup:'Phone Number'|default:'' }}

I’m just looking to show a blank space if the person’s profile has no phone number in contact information. And input the person’s phone number dynamically if Klaviyo/Shopify have the phone number.

Can anyone give me the correct merge tag?

By the way, even the screenshots in this answer are outdated. There’s no insert property in the editor for tect block I’m looking at. There’s a “add personalization” button which seems to function as this poster said the insert property dialog would-- but does not show me any phone property.