Logo not uploading properly into welcome series flow email

  • 9 December 2021
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I am having problems uploading my logo into the header/link bar block. 

I am selecting the block “Logo Centred” and yet the logo is appearing on the left half of the block and the right half has the text “shop now”

Why isn’t the logo aligning to the centre as selected?

When I delete the text section on the right, the logo disappears too and that block becomes a thick black line going across the top of the email. 

Why is that, can’t I just have a central aligned logo in that section without text?

I just want a clickable logo in that section that is centre aligned so why isn’t it doing this?

What logo size do I need?

When I resize the logo it is NOT changing the logo size when I click save.

I would have thought that uploading a logo would be simple straightforward but it appears to be very hard with Klaviyo!


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6 replies

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Hello @Sunil,

From your explanation of the behavior, can you confirm if you have more than one additional link/text field included within your header bar outside of the logo? When creating a header bar with the Logo Centered style, the logo will be centered inline with all other links. Because the logo would be inline with the links, you’ll need to have an odd number of additional links for the centered format to accurately display. For example, if you had your logo and two additional links, when inputted, the links will automatically display on the left and right of the logo with your logo aligned centered in relation to the block. 

As far as a logo size goes, we recommend having one between150-300 pixels as it is perfect to get your message across without being too large or too small! 

I would also recommend taking a look at both the How to Create and Manage Header Blocks and How to Use Images in Emails Help center articles to reference as you are building out your emails and editing your header/link bar. Our Academy team also offers a great Getting Started with Email Design course on many of the best practices of building an email and also highlights how to build and customize a header/link bar that can give you that extra hand!



Badge +3 when I click on the header section, there is a text link that says “shop now” which automatically appears, I did not put it there! When I delete that text link section the whole header section collapses into a black line and the logo disappears too. 


Why is that, and why is there no option for the logo to appear on its own without any text links in the header?

Badge +3 and in the product block, when I click on “browse for products” it does not have the updated product feed for my site and the best sellers. Why is that and how do I get an updated product catalog integrated with the welcome flow?

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Hey @Sunil,

The purpose of a header bar is to create a navigation bar as mentioned in the How to Create and Manage Header Blocks Help Center article. Since it sounds like instead of having a header navigation bar - logo inline with text/hyperlinks - you wanted to have just your logo image centered at the top of the email, I would recommend using a standalone image block populated by your logo for best results.

Because you are using the Logo Centered option for the header block which allows the populated logo to be inline with the text, removing the additional text or image fields would result in a blank section as you wouldn’t have any additional fields to align with the logo. Using the Logo Stacked or Logo Inline would not have this issue as they would not require any additional alignment details as the alignment for the logo is already preset as either centered and above the links/images or left justified of all the links /images. 

Regarding your product feeds have you already gone ahead and created the feed within Klaviyo? Although your catalog is synced to Klaviyo from your ecommerce platform, you still would need to recreate a feed within Klaviyo such as “best sellers”. This is further instructed in under the Manually Select Products from Your Catalog section of the How to Insert a Product Block Help Center article. I also think that reviewing the How to Use Product Feeds and Recommendations Help Center article and helpful to further understand the relationship between a product feed the product block. 

How often your product catalog syncs with Klaviyo depends on the integration. You can find the sync times in the How Often Integrations Sync article we offer. For example, if you were using Shopify, product catalogs are synced between the two platforms in real time. This means that any update to a product such as the addition of a new product, update in price, image, URL, etc. would be updated in Klaviyo in real time. If you were having trouble with your product catalog I would suggest reviewing your backend integration and ensuring the integration is up to date and connected without any issues. 

I would also encourage you to take a look at some of our helpful Academy Courses that can give you a hand as you’re get started! 


Badge +3 Thanks I have added the logo to the emails now using the text block

I am having problems creating the data feeds for the best sellers catalog on my site to populate the product blocks in emails. I have named the feed Best Sellers, clicked on “Limit to specific categories” > selected collection: best sellers from the drop down menu, Ordering > popular products first….and it is coming up with these errors in red. 

It says “Viewed product recommendations are currently unavailable. Install your web tracking snippet to configure. If you've installed that snippet recently, recommendations will become available as viewed product events are recorded”

When I click on “Set Up Web Tracking” in settings, it says

  1.  You have already allowed Klaviyo onsite JavaScript to be automatically added to your store via your integration.
  2. Add the code below to the product.liquid template. This will allow Klaviyo to track people’s favorite products. 

So is the onsite web tracking enabled on my site from step 1? Where is the code for this?

When I tested it using the example email string in the URL in a new incognito window, there is no record or tracking of on site tracking at all!

Why is it not tracking when it says “I have already allowed Klaviyo onsite JS to be automatically added to my store via integration”

What additional step is there for on site tracking to show up under metrics?

Secondly, I added the 2nd code into the product.liquid template, as instructed, at the end of that code under the final </script>

So why isn’t product tracking showing up under metrics after I added that utm string to the URL on a product page and loaded that page up with the utm string in the URL?

Thirdly, in this article it has a section called “Add Active On Site Tracking” 

In that section it says “2. Add the code snippet to the main template of your site. Where you see Public API Key, you will need to replace this with your Klaviyo account's public API Key. To find your public API Key, navigate to Account > Settings > API Keys.

Where do I add that snippet exactly? And replace WHAT with Klaviyo account’s public API key? Where? 

This is extremely confusing and difficult. 

None of this tracking is working at all, is that WHY it’s NOT creating the data feed to populate the product blocks in emails with “Best Sellers”??

Yours confusedly. 





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Hey @Sunil,

Glad you were able to find a solution for your logo!

From your explanation, it sounds like you may be having some trouble getting the web tracking code installed and/or recognized. This web tracking code enables Klaviyo to cookie contacts in order to trigger event such as the Viewed Product metric in order for you to base your feed off of.

Since these issues are account specific, I would suggest reaching out to our Klaviyo Support team who can provide more in depth assistance pertaining to your account.