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  • 25 September 2023
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The campaign I was working on completely disappeared just as I was getting ready to send it. 

Not sure why, and not sure if there’s a way to retrieve it. 

It’s not showing up for my teammates either on other computers so it’s not a cache issue. 



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2 replies

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Hi @Tom K., welcome to the community.

I’m not sure if this is your case, but make sure you are setting the timeframe for all your Campaigns in the time window.  I use “All Time” to see them all.

See this screenshot:


Let us know if you found it!



Joseph Hsieh // // twitter: @retenion 

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Hey @Tom K.,

Adding to @retention’s great suggestions, could you perhaps have been editing a template instead of a campaign? 

Meaning, you were actually editing an email template, then navigated to the campaigns tab but was unable to locate the campaign you thought you were editing?

From my own experience, this has certainly happened to me before. 

If it was an actual campaign, I would check in to see if any of your colleagues or other users of the account may have either archived or deleted the campaign by accident.