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  • 18 October 2021
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I searched a bit via Google & the forums but wasn’t able to get an answer to my question. 

Is there anyway to enable a low stock trigger for styles? We have the BIS Flow set up but I’d like to set up a Flow that triggers when an item someone has browsed, added to cart, or abandoned cart with is on its last unit. 

Alternately, adding in a dynamic module that triggers when there is just 1 unit left of a style. 

I’d like to note that this is a shoe brand - so the trigger needs to take into account both style/size. We are on Shopify.

Greatly appreciate any help and let me know if there is any other info I can provide to help!


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Hi @Akers Digital I think this is an important point on the potential for a poor user experience. However, it’s still a highly valuable campaign in my experience provided you apply some considerate technique to the technology. It requires you to have a good handle on how fast a specific sku has the potential to move and to set an appropriate inventory threshold. For example, if you know product could potentially sell 5 units in a day, you may want to set the threshold for a low inventory alert to be triggered when inventory falls below 10, but not allow it to send if inventory falls below 5. Also, manage expectations with subscriber upfront in the emails. Let them know that because inventory is very limited, you cannot guaranty the product will be available for long. This both helps set the right expectation and creates a sense of urgency that will help drive conversion. I’ve also found that even for the users who click through and don’t convert in that session because the product had sold out - that cohort will have a much higher conversion rate on subsequent low-inventory alerts because it sets the expectation that you have to act quickly. All of this has nuance based on the type of product of course. 


I would love for Klaviyo to develop this capability for our Magento 2 integration!

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Hey all,

Just wanted to talk through this strategy. It seems like it would be a poor user experience to send someone to low inventory items with the potential of the product being sold out when they get there. I know I personal would be pretty frustrated if this happened to me!


Are you on Shopify Plus at all? I could see upping the threshold to 5 or 10 qty, then potentially using Shopify Flows to create an automation. 

Any update regarding the status of this feature? Also very interested in utilizing this potential strategy. 

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Hey @NuggetMaster 

Than you for coming to the Klaviyo Community to ask about low inventory triggers for flows. Unfortunately at this time Klaviyo does not have this feature but will put in a product feature request on your behalf. Our development team will take a closer look at this and if there is any news in the future I will update this thread! Thank you so much for being part of the Klaviyo Community!