• 18 January 2022
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I have gone through all of the articles and best practice steps to stop the low open rate warnings. I believe I have solved it by no longer sending to "churn" or to "those who have not opened emails in the last 90 days".

Can anyone confirm that it is best I don't sent to these lists?


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Welcome to the Community! Thanks for posting your question regarding open rates here. Hope I can provide some info for you!

You are correct that there are a few suggestions that we make to increase the open rate. Firstly, creating an Engaged Segment and specifically targeting these Profiles with relevant content and then monitoring the Deliverability Performances for these emails. I do advise that you do review and follow this article on How to Improve Low Open Rates. If your delivery rate is low you will want to participate in List Cleaning which will assist with this.

In addition, I found some great community articles regarding this topic too:


You have taken great steps so far and I think you’re on the right path to helping your open rates!


Hope this helped!

Hi KBOARD! I would suggest sending to the following segments to make sure you are getting the highest open and click through rates. 

  1. Engaged 90 Days - People who have opened or clicked an email in the last 90 days​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  2. Abandoned Cart Last 30 Days - People who have abandoned their cart but haven’t checked out in the last 30 days 
  3. All Customers - Send to your all customers lists, but segment out the people who have bounced and the people who have been unengaged for the past year. 

I hope this helps! If you are still having trouble with your open rates, this video should help you troubleshoot any deliverability issues.