Manual Mode and Email Variations

  • 1 April 2021
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I have a really large email list, and I would like to test a very small segment on several email variations before sending to everyone. My idea is to put Klaviyo into manual mode, load up the flow, then send about 10% of the emails in Needs Review and measure the results. 


My question is when does Klaviyo evaluate the weights for the email variations? Is it when the group of emails are first loaded into Needs Review? Or does it evaluate the weights at the time of the emails are actually sent? I'm wondering that if I change the variation weights, will Klavio take that into account immediately.


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Hi @geneellis


Thanks for sharing this question with our Klaviyo Community.


When a flow email is in Needs Review status, the recipients will be determined at send time. This means the weight variations you have in place at the moment you click “send” will apply, not when they are first loaded into the flow. We have more information on manually sending flow messages to recipient in Needs Review status here. We also have more information on A/B testing flow emails here

Lastly, you may find it easier to run your variation test by first creating a sample of your list. This can be found under Lists & Segments > (List Name) > Manage List > Sample List Members, and then sending a campaign to that sample group using A/B test variations.



Thanks and have a great weekend!

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Thanks! I appreciate this!