manually trigger checkout started, placed order, ordered product event

  • 3 October 2022
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there was a problem with Klaviyo tracking on my Shopify site so that checkout started, placed order, ordered product events were not fired for a month.

I’ve got it fixed now.

How can I manually trigger these events and sent them to Klaviyo so that my abandoned cart recovery flow can process these OLD abandoned carts that occurred in the past month ? 


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2 replies

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Hi @noobmarket,

If that was not tracked at the moment there is no real way you could do this still.

One thing you might try is in Shopify try to filter all the people who had a checkout started and export those email addresses to Klaviyo and send a manual campaign. 

For everything placed order and ordere products this would be synchronised automatically. If that's not working please visit the shopify integration page using this link and click the re-import historical data. If that doesn't work please remove and add the integration again (or contact Klaviyo support)


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I tried to sync the data from Shopify.  But it seems only successful order events are sync’ed.  I don’t see any abandoned cart data(meaning only having the checkout started event, but without the placed order event).

So I ended up using the default shopify abandoned cart email function to manually send the email.

I guess I could have put all those emails into a list and use a list-triggered flow.