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  • 16 October 2023
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I want to set up our monthly newsletter. I want this newsletter to be different each month and I'd like to schedule it to go out on a specific day each month. I want our 3 Welcome Series email to trigger this monthly newsletter. Our welcome series is currently set up to send over a 7 day time frame. After they receive the 3rd email, I'd like the following email that they receive to be the first email in our monthly newsletter. I have the flow set up to update the profile property if they've completed the flow and this is where I'm stuck. What is the best flow/trigger for this monthly newsletter?


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Hi @megannqq thanks for posting in the Klaviyo community! It sounds like the best option for those types of emails would be a campaign. This is a one-off email sent to whoever you choose at the time and date you choose. 


Campaigns are different from flows in that flows are automatic and triggered by an action a user takes (like making a purchase, signing up to receive email, etc). 


This Klaviyo Community question goes through the differences nicely


Here’s how to get started creating a campaign.  You can create a segment of people who have gone through your welcome flow and send them the monthly newsletters as campaigns. 


If you’re looking to add all of the monthly newsletters to a flow over time, and have each person who completes the welcome flow go through all the monthly newsletters starting from the beginning, then I would create a new flow that is triggered by someone finishing the welcome flow and just keep adding your new monthly newsletters as they are created. 


Hope this helps!