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  • 2 April 2024
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I have a multi-metric report for checkout started value and placed order value filtered by flows in a month’s range. I am seeing a big decrease from checkout started value and placed order value. For example, the welcome series reports $25.4K checkout started, but $6.5k in placed order. Does this mean customers added $25.4K worth of items to cart AND started checkout BUT didn’t place their orders? Within this report we have an abandoned checkout flow that also reports a higher started checkout value (much less than $25.4K) than the placed order value. Are these directly impacting each other? Does this mean we’re losing our customers within the welcome series somehow? I just want to be sure I’m reading these reports correctly.


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Hi there @Angieal06 


Thank you for posting your question here in the community:


Based on the information provided, it seems like you're interpreting the data correctly, but let's break it down to ensure clarity.

  1. Checkout Started Value: This indicates the total value of items that customers have added to their carts and initiated the checkout process.

  2. Placed Order Value: This represents the total value of orders that have been successfully placed by customers.

In your example, the welcome series reports $25.4K in checkout started value but only $6.5k in placed order value. This suggests that customers are indeed adding a significant value of items to their carts and starting the checkout process but are not completing their orders. Yes, it's accurate to say that customers added $25.4K worth of items to their carts and began the checkout process but did not follow through with completing their orders.

In this article you can read more about setting up the reports and interpreting/filtering the data:


I hope this helps!


Thank you for that insight @annasophiefc! Hoping you can help me a bit more here. You’ll see I’ve highlighted the Welcome Series and Abandon Checkout checkouts values. Do you know why the Abandon Checkout may not also reflect the $25.4k since technically they abandoned their checkout while within the Welcome Series? The Abandon Checkout flow is set up to trigger when check out started AND customer has not placed their order since starting the flow.