My Browse abandonment seems to not be working. Not even a couple emails sent out after two weeks

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Have i setup the brown abandonment wrong? Seems simple enough but we aint getting any hits:(

 What am i doing wrong?


Best answer by mirandainsideandout 30 May 2023, 18:49

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Hey @Grego 

Thank you for reaching out for help with your abandoned cart flow. Happy to help!

First we need more information. Have you checked your integration with your shop to make sure data is passing correctly into Klaviyo? How do you have your flow trigger and flow filters setup? Can you share a screenshot of the flow setup? Having more info will help me figure out exactly why your customers aren’t going through the flow.

I’ll be on the lookout for your response.


Hey Grego! I’m sorry you haven’t seen your Flow working as expected. There are a few reasons this could be. 


Please check the metrics page to ensure your Viewed Product Metric (which should be the Flow Trigger) is firing. If it is, you should also check the Preview Trigger Setup view (see below) which will show you customers who will and will not qualify to enter the Flow.



If all customers in this view are not qualified to enter this Flow, there may be something wrong with your Flow or Trigger Filters. Lastly, you can check the Recipient Activity of the first email in the Flow to see if users are being Skipped for any reason.


Without more information, I’m unable to troubleshoot further but feel free to reply back with any questions and I’d be happy to help!

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it seems they didnt upload before @mirandainsideandout @stephen.trumble