Need help setting up flow-filters for same product in different packs

  • 14 October 2023
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Can someone help me with these three flows before I break down? These are set up as win-back/reminders to purchase again, based on the assumption that one roll of tape lasts about 30 days.

I have three different flows for "Hook grip tape": 1-pack, 3-pack, 5-pack.

I need assistance in configuring flow filters so that these flows don't end if the customer buys another product before the time for these flows expires, unless the customer buys another "hook grip tape," in which case they should enter that flow instead.

For example, a customer purchases a 5-pack of hook grip tape (that flow is set for 140 days based on the assumption that one roll of tape lasts about 4 weeks). After 50 days, the customer buys another product, like a tank top; they should still remain in the flow for “hook grip tape 5-pack”.

However, if the customer buys a new package of hook grip tape before these 140 days, they should no longer be in the 5-pack flow but instead begin the new flow for the X-pack hook grip tape they just purchased.

The same rules should apply to all hook grip tape flows.



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Hi there @Herman


Thank you for sharing your question with us! 


I know flow logic can be tricky sometimes! I’m sorry you’ve had a frustrating time so far, but I’m here to help break it down for ya! 


To clarify,  you want to configure your three ‘hook grip tape’ flows to not allow users to exit the flow unless they buy another hook grip product, correct? If so, I would make sure you have  one trigger filter and one flow filter on each of these tape flows.

  • The trigger filter: should be filtered that a user can only enter this flow if they have bought ____ hook grip take (1 of the three)
  • One flow filter: What someone has done > Placed order ____ (the other two hook grip tapes, this will require an OR connector ) > zero times > since entering the flow 


If you add the respective filters to each tape filter, and have no additional flow filters, besides the one i mentioned, it will function how you intend it to. 


Hope this helps! 



Thanks @Taylor Tarpley for your answer, looks like it´s working just the way I want it!🙏🏻