Need Help Setting Up Shipping Confirmation Flow

  • 31 March 2022
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I’m hoping to find some help in this forum. I’m new to Kaviyo and am looking to edit the shipping confirmation that “came with” my account.  In the provided template, the billing address is used in the body of the Shipping Confirmation email.  I want to change it to the shipping address.  I’ve reached out to support, have tried to CHAT, and have emailed the Growth team and have not received any response.  Is there someone here that can help guide me?


Thanks in advance : )


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Hello @Kar,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble reaching out colleagues on the Support team! 

If you haven’t already, I would suggest taking a look at our About Using Event Variables to Personalize Flows Help Center article which goes over how use the data passed by your event to be used in your email content. To put it simply, by using the preview tool, this will display a list of how the event was synced to Klaviyo along with their variables and values. Clicking on any of these data points will highlight the exact variable you can use to surface this data within your email. 

For example, in the prebuilt Shipping Confirmation flow email that is triggered by a Shopify Fulfilled Order event, the the {{ event.extra.billing_address.street_1 }} variable is used to pull in the billing address. To replace that with a shipping address, you should be able to use something such as {{ event.extra.shipping_addresses.0.street_1 }}.  Though, I would also suggest confirming this is how your data is being passed to Klaviyo from the method mentioned prior. 

Some additional resources that may be helpful for you to review and further understand how dynamic content is pulled into an email and using Klaviyo for transactional email are:

Additionally, if you were still having trouble and needed more hands on assistance in customizing your designing or coding your email, you can reach out to one of our many wonderful Klaviyo Partners from our Directory

I hope this helps!



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Thanks for your reply.  I am still not confident that I am looking in the right place within Preview. Is there a way I can get live assistance with this?  We use Big Commerce, and it seems odd that the integration wouldn’t pull a shipping address.It would be so helpful for me to review this with a tech support person from Klaviyo.  Is that possible?

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Hey @Kar,

In my experience, the Fulfilled Order metric will typically include the shipping address in addition to the billing address when synced to Klaviyo. This includes the Fulfilled order metric shared through a BigCommerce integration. 

If you were on any of Klaviyo’s paid plans, you would have access to our Live chat support which is available between 9 am–5 pm ET Monday through Friday. Our colleagues on that team can help guide you in the right direction to get this working! If you were not on a paid plan, you can always get in contact with our support team via email which is available between 6 am–10 pm ET on weekdays and 10 am–4 pm ET on weekends. 

Additionally, as mentioned prior, if you need more hands on assistance to your account or email content, there are a number of email designers who are accredited Klaviyo Partners.


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Thanks again, David.  We pay over $1,000/month for Klaviyo and it’s surprising how hard it is to get support!  Your online chat has really long wait times (I waited over an hour and still didn't get connected with anyone) and email, in my experience, has taken a couple of days.  I finally heard back from someone on your Support Team and they have been very helpful and even sent a video to help guide me.