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I have setup manuals/videos  that need to get to my clients and when they don’t want marketing it is creating a big problem. They aren’t getting all their tools. It said to contact you all. I need to get them their stuff. I set up all of these flows so I don’t have to send all of this when they place an order and now I have to send it all.


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I have a profile where they placed an order and the flow didn’t go. Is there a way I can retrigger it so the flow will go for this person?

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I am having so many issues I am losing my mind. By the time I get a response it is hours later and I can’t get anything done. Why do I have a person getting an abandon cart email when they placed an order and it clearly says they placed an order.

Then I can’t find where I can get them out of this flow. How do I do that?

Is there someone I can pay to help train me and get this setup. I gotta get help or move on. There are so many little issues they keep stacking up.

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Hey @Healing The Hyperbaric Way 

Welcome to the Klaviyo community! I saw you had a few post so I combined a couple of them to make it easier to get you the answers you need to troubleshoot your flows

The first question you asked was about resending your “Placed Order” trigger flow. It’s important to understand how contacts move through a flow and why the flow wasn’t sent first. Did the customer’s profile enter the flow to begin with? If not we need to look at your trigger and filters to see how they are set up. If everything is setup correctly and the customer should have moved through the flow but never entered, you can try backpopulating the flow. This will trigger anyone who should have moved through the flow but hasn’t to enter the flow and start receiving your messaging. If the customer entered the flow but the email was skipped you can use the article I shared above on “resending emails in Klaviyo” that will help you send specific emails for flows or campaigns from the customers profile. 

Second, It is recommended that if you are adding specific tools with a customers purchase, that they be added to your order confirmation email. Transactional emails, like order confirmation, do not require opt-in for marketing. Keep in mind that although you can add links to the videos and tools in your email, that transactional emails can not contain any marketing and must get approval from our compliance team to be set as transactional. This will allow delivery to all of your customers regardless of marketing consent. 

Last, you can reach out to one of our Agency Partners  who will be able to help you get everything setup and running quickly. In the directory you can filter for your geographical region as well as any specific tasks you want help with. 

Hope this helps!

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We also have our Champions in the community who are all Partners as well! @In the Inbox  @inboxingmaestro @chelsgrove @ebusiness pros @retention might have the ability to help you out too!

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Thanks for this @stephen.trumble


@Healing The Hyperbaric Way I’d be happy to help you get your email marketing sorted out. I just sent you a DM.