New editor Abandon Cart preview problem

  • 5 April 2022
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I recreate the Abandon Cart email flow on new editor and I noticed something strange.

When I preview it show’s me 5 product images or 5 Titles for a product added to cart 

This is the dynamic variable that I used : {{ event.Items.0.ImageURL|split:'-'|lookup:0 }}


Please, can someone tell me if it’s just the preview that show me that way or the variable is wrong?




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3 replies

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Hello @Performance123,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

I think it would be helpful if you included some screenshots of what it is you are experiencing or explaining the behavior in more details to see if other members have previously encountered this as well. 

When double checking how an email renders, we always recommend sending the email to your own inbox. This way you can ensure accurately how your emails will appear when they are received within an inbox.You can send yourself a preview of the email either through our Preview tool or by triggering the flow to have a Live email sent to your inbox. For more advanced previewing capabilities, third-party tools such as Litmus and Email on Acid are extremely helpful as well!

Without any additional details though, I would suspect it sounds like you may be using the incorrect dynamic variable tag. In many cases, instead of using the whole {{ event.Items.0.ImageURL|split:'-'|lookup:0 }} variable, it’s typically an abridge version depending on how you have set up the repeat conditions/data source. I recently touched upon this subject in a similar Community post below that can be helpful:

I would further suggest reviewing our following Help Center articles that may further help understand how to pull in event data to be used to personalize emails:

I hope this helps!


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Hi @David To following up on the above thread because I face similar issues. I experience dynamic images duplicates. 

Test Email in my inbox

While, my editor view there’s only:

  1. Table for Product Images (2 column, 1 Row)
  2. Table for Product  Name (2 Column, 1 Row)
New Editor view

I’m not sure what I did wrong here but for your reference, below are the variables I used and obtained from the “Preview” button on the top right hand corner of the editor. 


Variables for Images:

  • {{ event.extra.Items.0.Images.0.URL }}
  • {{ event.extra.Items.1.Images.0.URL }}

Variables for link appended for the images:

  • {{ event.extra.Items.0.URL }}
  • {{ event.extra.Items.1.URL }}

Variables for the title/product name:

  • {{ event.ItemNames.0 }}
  • {{ event.ItemNames.1 }}

I’m not sure what I missed. Can you advise? 




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Hey @Admiral,

I think it would help if you could elaborate more on what it is you were trying to achieve with your dynamic table block. From seeing your screenshots, I assume you were trying to set up two table blocks side by side to pull in data dynamically to highlight the products that were abandoned. 

If this was your goal, then I believe the issue you’re running into with images and text repeating is that you have the dynamic repeat aspect of the block enabled rather than keeping it static. I’ve elaborated on this in a similar Community post which I’ve included below:

Since it seems like you’re using the base variables, with the content repeat function enabled, that base node will be “repeated” and thus duplicate.