New email campaign from template?

  • 24 January 2022
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Hi. When creating a new email campaign, I do not see the option to use a saved template rather than building a new email from scratch. Little help?


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Never mind, found it.

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Hi @Hal - welcome to the community.

When creating a Campaign, you can selected a pre-made Template from this tab during the Campaign content selection process:

Here’s a documentation that might be helpful in creating Campaigns:

Hope this helps!

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Hi, I have the same question - I don’t see an option to use one of my saved email templates when I’m creating an email campaign. When going through the Create Campaign process, I don’t get a screen like the one Joseph shows above, with the tab “My Templates.” Can anybody help here? Thanks!

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Never mind, finally found it - looks like you have to click on “Drag and Drop” first, which makes no sense from a UI standpoint...


@Dean L. , thanks for following up with that, it was my stumbling block as well (also makes no sense).