New Feature Request - Add descriptions to segments and flows

  • 14 March 2024
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Sometimes I have to stare at the definition of a flow for several minutes before I remember why I created it or what the purpose is. It would be awesome if we could add descriptions to flows and segments so we could document how they are intended to be used, or are being used. Too many times I’ve wanted to delete/clean things up only to realize after much investigation that the thing I wanted to delete was actually needed. And then I’m too afraid to clean up anything.

5 replies

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Hey @Components in email templates 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Thank you so much for your feedback. This has been a common request by many of our members to be able to add notes to flows, campaigns and signup forms for quick reference, especially when you work with a team of people. I am going to share this feedback with our product team. If and when there are any updates on this feature in the future, I will make sure to update you!

Thanks again for the product request!

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Hi @Components in email templates!


This is an interesting idea, and totally understandable why you’d want more context to remind yourself and your team why each segment was created. 


One thing my agency does, is we use different naming conventions to help make each segment’s purpose clear. 


So a segment used to trigger a flow might start with Flow Trigger: [segment name]


A segment that identifies people we often exclude from campaigns for one reason or another might look like SKIP - [segment name]. For example, if a profile’s had at least one email bounce in the last 90 days or placed a recent order


A segment that identifies prospects we want to address for order nurturing or other contexts might look like Prospects - [segment name]


You could try this as a solution!





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Thanks @ebusiness pros that’s a great idea!

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You’re welcome @Components in email templates

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Hey @Components in email templates 


Just popping in here to 2nd what @ebusiness pros said. Using naming conventions is a great idea and @ebusiness pros uses a great naming convention too. The beauty of this solution is you can create a naming convention that works for you and will help you remember what your flows are for.