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  • 19 November 2020
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I am creating four flows. For each flow there is a segment that was created for when I have someone subscribe. Each flow will get the same first email, but then their will be differences. How should I do this? I want to make sure that one flow is the priority and then other emails will be secondary. I also want to make sure that some do not get more than one email as some will be on multiple segments when they first sign up.


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9 replies

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Hi! A couple ways I can see you doing this…

  1. Have it all in one flow and then use the Condition Split to make it like an IF/ELSE (if you’re familiar with that concept in programming).  This way you can prioritize which segment a subscriber should fall into and ensure no one gets sent the same email twice.  Here’s a screenshot of what I mean:
  1. The second way if you want to have multiple flows is to put a flow filter on restricting people to not go through if they are in the other flows (I think this might get a bit messy though).  Could make it work. 

I’m curious, can you provide more details on the segments and how you’re segmenting them right away from when they subscribe?

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Klaviyo had me create a segment for each option on the signup form. When they sign up they have four choices and can basically choose all four options. Based on the choices, they are placed in each segment. As I am building my welcome flow, I do not want certain segments to get the email for all of the choices they made in the sign-up form. Or to have a segment take priority over others when they sign up if that makes sense.

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Interesting, for more context, can you share a screenshot of the signup form and the different options?

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Thanks for sending that! I get it now. 

So, when they select those boxes their choices will show up as a custom property on their profile.  For example, we have site for baseball fans and they can select their favourite teams with checkboxes, this is how it looks:

A couple things before we get to the flow.  What do you think about this, when a visitor comes to your site, I’m guess they know what those options are, but do they know why those checkboxes are there on the sign up form?  I would add text above or to the left with something like, “Which patterns are you interested in? (Select all that apply)”.  I don’t know your business, so I’m just guessing the wording.  However, having the option to “select all that apply” you can remove the option for “Everything” if everything is those other 3 options.  

If it were radio buttons, where you can only select one, then having an “everything” option would be good.

For the welcome flow, since you only have 3 options, I would keep it in one flow to keep it clean.  I can see a setup for you being something like this.  In this example, everyone gets the same first email and then the flow splits off based on which team they chose, prioritizing if they chose the Yankees first.


Hope that helps! Someone else may have a better solution, but based on my experience and the information given I think this would work.  Let me know if you have questions about this.

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Thank you,, I now have a good idea for the path we are going to follow, Thank you for your help.

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@Manny Singh definitely has the right idea for this! Rather than having to create secondary emails and ensuring that no one gets a duplicate emails, it’s a lot simpler to use the Yes/No logic in the flows so that you can ensure customers that are not selecting “Everything” are being sent the correct paths for their choices! 

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I have made the flow, can anyone tell me if I am correct?






following this lay out, I already changed the time frame for sending the emails


but if anyone can let me know if the logic makes sense with the conditions etc. I need a second pair of eyes

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Hard for me to tell based on the screenshots.  But it looks like you’re missing a parameter in a flow filter.