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  • 11 January 2022
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Looking for some new flow ideas aside from the usual 10 or so. Want to bring some more value to my clients in Klaviyo and do something out of the box. Any ideas?



5 replies

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Hey @BryanzaleLP 

First i just wanted to thank you for being an active member of the community, we love to see it!

@Mailbox Manny @retention do either of you have any unique flows that you have set up for your customers?

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Here’s what I typically create for my clients.

Welcome, Exit Intent, Browse/Cart/Checkout Abandonment, Post Purchase, Back in Stock, Pre-VIP, VIP, Win-back, Re-engagement, Happy Birthday, Cross-Sell/Upsell.

Let me know if you could use more info on any of these.

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Hi @NJVasic 

Thanks for this, the one in there I haven’t used is pre-VIP, what’s the logic/trigger look like on it?


Thank you!

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Hey, basically it’s a flow that has one or two emails in it. The purpose of the first is to let someone know they’re close to becoming a VIP and to showcase the benefits.

The second can be a reminder that gets sent weeks after the first, sort of a reminder that they’re close and should grab the opportunity.

The trigger is once someone joins a segment and meets about ~80% of your VIP criteria.

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Brilliant! @NJVasic 


Thank you kindly!