Newsletter Welcome Flow NOT Sending.

  • 23 January 2023
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Hey everyone, I have a created an email flow that sends out a welcome email to start when someone enters into the Newsletter Segment. I have everything synced properly with Shopify so that when they submit the newsletter subscription, it automatically uploads the new profile into Klaviyo profiles, and adds them into the Newsletter thus causing the Welcome Segment to start sending emails.

I checked the status of my emails being sent out, and they are in fact being sent out according to Klaviyo, but when I check my email for the emails “sent”, I am receiving nothing.

Is anyone able to help?


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Hi @JHavinga ,

Welcome to the Community.

Could you share the flow status message to see how many were successfully delivered as well as an example of a profile that should have gotten an email? Do you have a test profile that has not received it that should have?

I also recommend checking these community posts to see if there are similar situations to you:


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Hey @alex.hong , I actually figured it out. Turns out all my emails being sent out are going to customers Spam folders.

Any ideas how to avoid this? Thanks for your help!

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@JHavinga ,

Klaviyo is responsible for sending your emails, but once these emails are in the hands of the Inbox Provider (i.e. Gmail or Yahoo), then the inbox provider will filter the messages according to their own rules. This is because Email Inbox providers all have a built-in system that scans incoming emails and automatically sorts them. This sorting process is powered by complex algorithms that are not made public, though there are two key things to consider as an email marketer:

  • Inbox Placement - the successful placement of your email in a recipient's inbox
  • Spam Filtering - the placement of your email in a recipient's Spam folder

Ultimately, inbox providers intentionally filter marketing emails. However, Inbox providers also adjust these filters based on the content of your email and your sender reputation. If you are concerned your emails might be getting placed in spam or junk, we highly recommend comparing your opens to these benchmarks: How to Monitor Email Deliverability Performance
If you are falling in the “Critical” or “Room for Improvement” category we recommend using segmentation practices to help you identify your engaged customers and focus on sending to them:

You can also check out this brief video on how to improve poor email inboxing.  
To summarize, why emails end up in spam is entirely dependent on how inbox providers like Gmail and Yahoo track how recipients interact with emails from your domain. In addition to the resources linked above, you can also check out the guides below to strengthen your sender reputation and improve your deliverability performance going forward:

Lastly, Gmail filters emails based on user behavior, so if you drag/move one of your email messages from the Spam/Promotions folder into your Primary Inbox, then Gmail will filter future messages from you into their Primary Inbox tab. 


I recommend that you instruct your recipients to do this, so that emails from you are filtered into their Primary Inbox going forward! You can find more information about this here: About Gmail's Tabbed Inbox

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Thank you very much for the help! This answers my question.